Gael Morrison

writing about love and adventure in exotic locations


Written By: Gael

Nate Robbins needs the twenty million dollars his eccentric uncle left him to fuel the business he began in honor of his deceased wife and unborn child.

But there’s a catch.

To get the twenty million, Nate must re-marry before his thirtieth birthday, only three weeks away.

Sam Feldon married for love. But after the birth of her son, her husband deserted her and the child. Now Sam is determined not to marry again unless she’s sure it’s love.

So when her boss offers her the job of ‘wife’ Sam refuses but agrees to help him find someone suitable.

Accompanying Nate on a Caribbean Cruise, Sam finds the perfect woman just before she realizes she loves Nate herself.

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Gael Morrison always writes with style and wit. Watching Nate, a man who wants marriage for all the wrong reasons, and Sam, the woman who refuses him for all the right ones, find love on the high seas is a joyous reading journey. In Meet Me At Midnight, there’s love, passion and family all mixed into one delightful romance cocktail. Read and enjoy. I certainly did. – EC Sheedy, best-selling author

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