Gael Morrison

writing about love and adventure in exotic locations


Written By: Gael

Peter Strickland can’t allow Jann Fletcher, with her New Age crystals and non-traditional lifestyle, to stand in his way of acquiring custody of his nephew. Having failed to keep his sister safe, he vows to do for her baby what he was unable to do for her.

Jann has already lost her parents and her best friend Claire, and is determined not to lose custody of Claire’s baby. She combats Peter with all the magic she possesses, magic which can only come from the heart of a woman.

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“Gael Morrison’s most recent masterpiece is a story of love and sacrifice, with a touch of tropical magic thrown in. I loved this heartwarming story.”  – Vanessa Grant, bestselling author of Writing Romance



One Comment

  1. K says:

    This looks really good Gael. Your website is awesome!
    I’m not much for reading on the computer but will look for your paperback book in March 2013. I’ll let you know if I have trouble locating copies.
    Karen Wellburn Gardner

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