Gael Morrison

writing about love and adventure in exotic locations

BOXED SET – Lovers In Paradise

Written By: Gael

BoxSet-300x294-9781614176732From critically acclaimed author, Gael Morrison, comes the first three novels in her Contemporary Romance series, Lovers in Paradise.

A WOMAN’S HEART: Peter Strickland can’t allow non-traditional, new-ager Jann Fletcher, who lives on a sail boat in Hawaii, to keep him from acquiring custody of his nephew. Then he encounters the most powerful magic of all: the love of a woman’s heart.

MEET ME AT MIDNIGHT: Nate Robbins needs the twenty million dollars his eccentric uncle left him to fuel the business he began in honor of his deceased wife and unborn child. But first he must re-marry before his thirtieth birthday, just three weeks away.

MAGIC OF THE DRUMS: Failing to save her risk-taking father’s life, Dr. Lise Dawson hangs up her stethoscope and seeks refuge with her aunt, a Catholic nun working in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Met at the airport by dare-devil Simon McDowell, a University educated Aussie, Lise is reminded why she hung up her heart, too. Then she encounters the magic of the drums.

“…a story of love and sacrifice, with a touch of tropical magic thrown in. I loved this heartwarming story.” ~Vanessa Grant, bestselling author of Writing Romance

“…love and passion mixed into one delightful romance cocktail. ~EC Sheedy, author of Man for the Morning

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