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Written By: Gael

Magic of the Drums cover cropped 9781614175995After failing to save her risk-taking father’s life, Dr. Lise Dawson hangs up her stethoscope and seeks refuge with her aunt, a Catholic nun working in the highlands of Papua New Guinea.

Met at the airport by coffee-plantation owner Simon McDowell, a University educated Aussie, Lise is reminded why she hung up her heart, too.

Which suits Simon just fine. His ex-wife, also a medical doctor, couldn’t hack it in Papua New Guinea, either. Then Simon helps Lise deliver a plantation-worker’s breech baby, and shortly afterwards flies her through
a mountain storm in his two-seater plane to aid a village man gored by a boar.

Yet, despite Lise’s newly-found white-knuckled bravery, nothing can
convince her to risk her heart on Simon—a dare-devil just like her father.

Until she discovers the magical allure of the drums.

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“Against the backdrop of coffee plantations and the settlement’s clinic, Morrison presents two uniquely individual characters who learn that to love is to accept as well as encourage.” –  Leta Nolal Childers, Scribes Word Reviews

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  1. Karen Gardner says:

    Your website is lovely Gael. Congratulations!
    Karen Wellburn Gardner

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