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Everything’s relative!

Written By: Gael - Oct• 25•12

As I was sitting at my computer trying to force it to do what I wanted (and failing), I felt completely frustrated with my lack of technical computer skills. I came across this photo of my high school English class in Papua New Guinea. It was Parents’ Day and these proud parents had come to marvel at their children as they acquired the skills they needed for the new millenium. What they and their children were tackling was a far greater learning curve than I’ll ever encounter!

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  1. Margaret Scott-Peters says:

    Marvelous web design for a writer Gael !
    Kudos to Allen for his creativity.
    Those photos of your 70’s life are fabulous .
    I’d love to see more & stories to match.
    Keep it churning.

  2. Gael says:

    Thank you Margaret. I’ve appreciated my travels so much over the years, especially seeing parts of the world that are difficult to travel to now. I’ve especially loved meeting people from different cultures and finding that despite the fact we don’t speak the same language, we all share an interest and enthusiasm for adventure.

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