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Papua New Guinea Christmas – thoughts on a Christmas Past

All you need in the tropics for a good time at Christmas is a hole in the ground layered with hot rocks (which were heated up over an open fire), banana leaves, ten chickens, 20 pounds of kaukau (sweet potato) and sundry vegetables, more banana leaves, more hot rocks, then a covering of dirt to form an […]

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Take the Leap!

My youngest son took a swinging leap off a cliff in Banos, Equidor causing terror (and thrill) in this mother’s heart. A part of me wanted to scream, “Noooo!”, but it was exhilarating to know that the quest for adventure is alive and well in the next generation!

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Everything’s relative!

As I was sitting at my computer trying to force it to do what I wanted (and failing), I felt completely frustrated with my lack of technical computer skills. I came across this photo of my high school English class in Papua New Guinea. It was Parents’ Day and these proud parents had come to marvel at their children […]

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Rope Bridge Danger

Papua New Guinea – 1974 My husband Ron and I taught highschool in Papua New Guinea for two years. In this primitive paradise danger was always present. One Sunday afternoon we went hiking in the jungle and came upon a bridge leading to a waterfall on the other side. My husband went first. Staring down […]

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